Welcome to Michel Lowe

Welcome to micheldavidlowe.com, the official Michel Lowe website!

BTW, that’s Michel in the upper left corner.  On these endlessly fascinating pages the micheldavidlowe.com website will keep you updated on Michel’s writing and speaking activities, personal appearances and book signings.  And, above all else, it is designed for blogging.  Yes, blogging.

Like the Internet needs another blog?  Like Bill Gates needs another billion bucks?

No and no.

But for a multitude of reasons, readers like to know more about their authors: their likes and dislikes, their opinions, and how they come up with their story ideas.  So instead of making this website a one way street for press releases, Michel has asked the webmaster to allow his readers to provide direct feedback on their likes and dislikes, their opinions and what’s on their minds.


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