Welcome to Michel Lowe

Welcome to micheldavidlowe.com, the official Michel Lowe website!

BTW, that’s him in the upper left corner of this page.  Someday we’ll get a real header and even some professional quality graphic design, but for now we’re stuck with this weak lash-up of a high school art student collage.

On these endlessly fascinating pages we will keep you updated on Mr. Lowe’s writing and speaking activities, personal appearances and book signings.  And, above all else, since this is a WordPress web site (if you don’t know, you don’t need to know), it is designed for blogging.  Yes, we said it: blogging.

Like the Internet needs another blog?  Like Bill Gates needs another billion bucks?

No and no.

But for various reasons, readers like to know about their authors…what they eat, how they come up with their story ideas, what they like and what they dislike.

Well, Mister Mike likes murder.

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